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Via Alaimo, 11,

90020 Bompietro (PA).




Edil Planet Forni

60 years ago the origins of Edil Planet Forni thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Giuseppe La Placa (from here, the name Nonno Peppe oven) in the heart of Sicily, land of great passions and pride for their own traditions, now, Agostino, Luca e Dario continue to do of her work the same passion of the founders.

A precious legacy: create the best wood-fired ovens, the dream of all food lovers, in the tradition of great Italian craftsmanship, made of extreme attention to detail and research of solid and noble materials. A big industrial commitment that Edil Planet Members carry on respecting their own territory, a cultural responsibility and a social role evidenced by the important recognition of the title of “Siciliani in patria e nel Mondo 2016”.

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